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SEOTextEd v. 1.1

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Author: SoftBuka, Email: st@softbuka.ru

Easy editing of texts in the performance of certain tasks of webmasters and SEO-specialists.

Main features: 


  • Characters  with HTML, without filters
  • Characters  with spaces
  • Characters without spaces
  • Only alphabet  characters 
  • Words
  • Rows


  • Delete rows containing text or regular expression 
  • Delete rows containing no text or regular expression  
  • Remove rows longer than X characters
  • Delete rows shorter than X characters


  • Remove HTML from the text
  • Remove double spaces
  • Trim lines (Remove the padding at the ends of lines)
  • Remove empty lines
  • Remove line breaks
  • Capital letters after the dot
  • Capital letters  at the beginning of each line
  • Remove not unique rows 
  • base64 <-> text
  • MD5


  • Multiple lines
  • Regular expressions

Add text: 

  • Line numbering
  • Setting lines of text at the beginning and end of line

Sorting Rows: 

  • Alphabetical
  • Length of a string
  • Shuffle strings

Batch functions: 

  • Batch processing of files. Calculate a number of characters, characters without HTML and double spaces, characters without spaces or line breaks. Result table can be saved as a csv file.

Remote file: 

  • Get all links from URL


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